Serving at WordServe

Whether behind the scenes or up front, there are plenty of ways you can serve at WordServe. God designed each of us with special gifts and abilities, and he gave us those gifts so we could use them for his purposes! 

Serving is one of the greatest ways for us to forward God’s purpose and joyfully grow in our relationship with God. It helps us connect our faith to everyday life, uses our God-given talents, and it demonstrates God’s love to everyone around us. Serving at WordServe is a great way to build relationships with people in the church and feel a part of the community.

WordServe is currently recruiting people to serve from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014. (Training will be provided for all serving roles prior to August 1.) Prayerfully consider the areas where you would like to make a difference in the next year!


As a way to intentionally forward God’s purpose, any adults and/or youth who calls WordServe their church home is asked to commit to serve in one of the following areas: Equipment Team, Welcome Team, or WordServe Kids. Keep reading for more information about each of these areas.

12servantrecruitsetupEquipment Team—The Equipment Team is perfect for those who prefer to be behind the scenes. They create our worship space each week by bringing everything we need to have our Sunday experience. This highly efficient system is a marvel to behold, as the trailer arrives and rolling containers unveil everything from a Sanctuary to kids' classrooms! Without this team, nothing happens on Sundays at WordServe! Be advised, while some duties are heavy, we have a new category called "Setup and Tear Down - Light" that will involve no heavy lifting or special equipment. It's perfect for folks who may question whether they are physically able... and it's perfect for families if you want to teach your kids the value of serving others!



12servantrecruitrefreshGreeter—One of the most crucial roles at WordServe because you have the opportunity to be the first impression for first time guest. This is Christian hospitality at its finest!  Create a warm environment by greeting and welcoming people, helping people find their way, and assisting in the service by taking offering. 



12servantrecruitkidsWordServe Kids—This is an exciting and dynamic ministry experience with the opportunity to help shape the next generation of joyful servants for Jesus! There are serving opportunities for teaching, and also for other behind-the-scenes jobs, all designed to equip our kids to grow as joyful servants of Jesus!


Upcoming Events

Community Easter Celebration9:00am – 10:15am
Community Easter Celebration10:45am – 12:00pm
WordServe Loves Huggins Day9:45am – 11:00am