WordServe 101


WordServe-101-3The Welcome Feast is an interactive, guided discussion where we get to know each other, enjoy some good food, and learn about what makes WordServe so different from other churches. At the close of the meal, all newcomers will be invited to go through a month-long study of the book I Am A Church Member, where we will discuss what it means to follow Jesus, be committed to a covenant community, and how to live out our faith in the local church.

Formally joining WordServe Church isn't a requirement of attending The 101 Welcome Feast. However, your attendance is the beginning pathway to a formal membership at WordServe. 

Our first WordServe 101 Welcome Feast will take place at 12:30 p.m., May 6! Please email any questions to Jon Sims at jsims@wordserve.org. Sign Up Here! 

For more information on 101 or join the church, email info@wordserve.org.