D6 Family

This January, we will introduce D6 Family curriculum to WordServe Kids starting with Discovery Kids! 

What is D6? D6 (Dueteronomy 6) Curriculum gives WordServe the resources to equip and empower parents to continue discipling their kids throughout the week. The goal of D6 is to align the church and home to accomplish generational discipleship. It offers endless resources and curriculum for stages of life. Learn more about D6 at D6family.com

Discovery Kids makes teaching elementary students easy, exciting, and effective. It uses the CLEAR Learning System that emphasizes application and response to God’s Word as well as learning facts and details. Discovery Kids is packed with the necessary items to capture and retain the attention of students.

1 hour of church in 168 hours in the week simply isn't enough, which means our kids are depending on us to continue teaching them at home throughout the week. Check out this video that breaks down 1/168.   

Click here to see a sample of the Discovery Kids curriculum. 

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