Jesus' arrival brings a joyous moment. But the real gift isn't his arrival, it's what he brings to bolster our faith with new ways of looking at an old world. This series will examine what happens before, during, and after Jesus' arrival to understand his true impact in our lives.

11|29  Stay the Course

King Ahaz shows us what it's like to rely on short-term, human-based options. We can easily find ourselves in the same boat. Is there a better way?  (Isaiah 7:10-17)

12|6  Substance Over Form

We live in a world where form is more emphasized than substance. What would it take to make substance more important than form? And why does it matter?  (Luke 2:1-20)

12|13  The Easy Way

We all do it... we usually favor the easy way out. But real faith and real change seldom rely on the easy way. We'll look at some examples of challenging faith and the benefits it brings for all.  (Matthew 9:1-8)

12|20  The Needy

We often think of the need as those living in the third world, or in our local areas in poverty. But is that how Jesus sees it?  (Revelation 3:14-22)


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