COVID 19 Update

With the uncertainty we are experiencing right now, we ask everyone to continue to trust in the Lord. We should live in faith instead of fear, while at the same time be cautious and considerate of the rules of our local, state and national government. 

Sunday, March 29, we will have a "Stay home Sunday". You will be able to watch Bill deliver the sermon on Facebook Live. And as always you will be able to hear the recording and download sermon notes on For the kiddos, D6 is offering a free app. Check out these links to download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Church might look different for now but this doesn't change our mission of "Guiding people to grow as joyfull servants of Jesus". In fact, it might be less of an obstical and more of an opportunity to share. Please take advantage of our online giving option so we can help those who were hit the hardest during this unprecedented event. 

Below is a list of activities that are postponed until further notice: 
- Town Hall Meeting 
- Lead Team Meeting
- Bonem Meeting
- Youth Group (will resume the first week in April)
- Serve Saturday

The following is still scheduled as before:
- Easter Services

We are continuously working to decide how we will move forward during this short, unprecedented season and will keep you updates as things develop through the webpage, email and social media.  


A Letter from Pastor Bill:

Dear WordServe Family,

I pray this email finds you well.  It goes without saying, we're living in interesting times.  With rapidly changing guidelines, I feel it's prudent to do two things:

1.  Let's honor the guidance of our national leaders and experts by limiting our exposure.

2.  Let's focus on what we CAN do to promote spiritual connection in a time of "social distancing."

Let me talk to some ways I see WordServe moving forward.  First, rather than decree blanket cancelations for a set time, I prefer to remain nimble.  What does this mean?  Let's take it week by week as the situation unfolds.

This will require good communication.  So, expect more regular updates via email, social media, and our website.  And please check those sources regularly so we're all informed.

But communication works two ways: please don't hesitate to communicate your needs (be they spiritual, material, etc.).  We can't serve our world unless we're aware of the needs. You can contact us via email at or

Most of all, please use your best judgment, and be people of facts and faith... but not fear.

Here are some specifics for the upcoming weeks:


This Sunday (3-22), we will NOT hold live services.  The announcements and sermon will be streamed over Facebook live.  We will also make the sermon audio available through our website (, and you'll also be able to download the sermon notes and questions.  I'll attempt to make the video available through our vimeo site (I'll email members directly to access that site).  Of course, our Facebook page will also have the video portion, assuming technology is my friend (prayer request there!).


This Sunday's town hall and leadership meetings will be postponed.  We'll reschedule when we're able to safely bring folks back together in person.  In the meantime, expect more written communication and/or short videos that will explain what's going on.  And again, don't hesitate to ask your questions (via email is probably the best).  I'm at


For the Vision team, our meeting with Mike Bonem (Mar 28) is postponed.  Again, we will reschedule as soon as we're able to safely gather people together.


We can pause and reflect.
We can prune what is not important
We can stay connected through technology
Most importantly, we can stay connected to the source of life itself and share that with everyone around us.

Stay tuned to facebook and if you're an instagram person, consider following the Instagram wordservepastor for ongoing tips on how to respond to the coronavirus.

Most of all, keep being Jesus followers who believe we can never separate the teaching and preaching of the Word from the serving or our World. 

God's grace, peace, and strength,
Pastor Bill