Cross Words

Lenten Series Starts March 1
What would you say if you knew you had something important to say, but only hours left on this earth? Seven times, Jesus spoke from the cross, even though doing so caused him great anguish. What was so important that caused Jesus to bear the additional agony of speaking, and what does it mean today? Come join us, this Sunday, in the WordServe Worship Center (29810 FM 1093, Ste. F, Fulshear, TX) for the first sermon in our Lenten series “Cross Words”. Each week we will take a look at one of Jesus’ seven statements from the cross and determine what he felt was so important to communicate despite the agony it caused him to do so. 

3.1 | Father, Forgive Them

3.8 | Today, You Will Be With Me In Paradise

3.15 | Woman, Behold Your Son

3.22 | I Thirst

3.29 | Why Have You Forsaken Me?

4.5 | It is Finished

4.12 EASTER SUNDAY | Is it Finished?