The Exodus story highlights some valuable lessons in being willing to do whatever it takes to follow God. While the journey is rarely easy, the reward is more than worth it. Join us, in the Worship Center or virtually, and find out what lessons can we learn that will encourage us in our journey to follow where God leads?

9/6 - Who Me?
Moses is like a lot us today, thinking that life has passed him by. What started so well has led to obscurity and dissppointment. But until God is done with us, our story isn't done. Watch God's call on Moses' life as we ask ourselves, "What might God be calling me to right now?"

9/13 - Grumbling
It's amazing to watch how quickly and how frequently the people of Israel wanted to go back into slavery. What about us makes us prefer a known hell to an unknown heaven? How can we counteract this natural (fallen) tendency and stay on track with God's plan?

9/20 - Wandering
Shouldn't following God makes things easier? If not, God must either not know what he's doing or not care. Or... is there another reason for the wandering? Could it be, that even in the wandering, God is at work?

9/27 - Miracles
In the heat of the moment, we tend to grumble. But when we pause and look back, we see how God has been working through our circumstances to guide us. We'll look at Israel's miracles, and provide a framework to look at our miracles as well!


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