Spiritual sources have always acknowledged the power of Gratitude. Now secular sources are taking note of the power of Gratitude in our well-being.  How can gratitude help us? What do I have to be grateful for, and how do I practice gratitude? Come and experience the power of an “(GR)ATTITUDE” 

11.3 Why Gratittude
Why should we show gratitude? Without it, we are literally lost and will go our own way. With it, our hearts and minds can be guarded so that we experience a peace that passes understanding. All this... from gratitude?

11.10 Grattitude In All Things?
Are we really supposed to show gratitiude in ALL things? In two examples, Jesus gives thanks for bread and breaks it to share with others. In one instance, He feeds 5,000. In the other, he's commemorating his own suffering and death. Can we have gratitude in the good and the bad?

11.17 Growing your Grattitute
Ever wondered what God's will is for your life? What if it was to give thanks in all circumstances? How can we grow in gratitude... and how does that fit into God's will for us?

11.24 Contagious Grattitue
10 Lepers were healed by Jesus, but only 1 returns to thank him. In doing so, the leper was not only healed from disease, but he was made whole. Science and research backs up the many ways that gratitude not only changes us, but can change those around us.

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