Great Expectations

Have you ever noticed that the first Christmas failed to meet a lot of expectations? The people expected a conqueror, but they got a baby... the people expected it to be easy, but they witnessed difficulty. Is there a method to God's madness when our expectations aren't met? Come and see if God has Great-er Expectations for us this Advent Season!

12.1 | Expecting it Now 
The people had been waiting for centuries for the Messiah. What's taking so long? Why isn't God just making it happen in the blink of an eye? Is there value in a long and drawn out approach? What can we learn from all this?

12.8 | Expecting a King
Wouldn't you expect God's Messiah to be a King? Why did he send a helpless baby instead of a conquering warrior? Why would the baby be God's strategy over a warrior?

12.15 | Expecting God
Shouldn't God himself intervene as He had done in Israel's history? Why did God send a human to do God-sized work? As it turns out, sending someone who is fully human and fully God is the ONLY way God's plan will work.

12.22 | Expecting Easy
If God has decided to send the Messiah, shouldn't it all be easy after that? Why was the life of Jesus so diffiicult? And why is it still so difficult to follow Jesus? (I thought it would all be easy).

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services 
(5:00 and 6:30 p.m.)

12.24 Expecting Peace | The Bible refers to Jesus as the "Prince of Peace," but as I look at our divided world and the controversies that Jesus still causes, I wonder if he's not the "Prince of Pieces." When is this peace on earth supposed to happen, and what's my part in attaining that?

This Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us for music, meaning and family togetherness, as we celebrate Christmas with cookies, carols, and candlelight. Join us at 5 p.m. for a contemporary service or try WordServe Simple Church (all acoustic, unplugged) service at 6:30 p.m. The nursery will be available for children ages 5 and under during both services, and glow sticks will be available for kids who aren't comfortable holding candles.

Our dream is that WordServe Church would be known as the church that is always serving other people and showing them God’s love through tangible actions. The people of WordServe know that God has called us beyond the walls of the church—to serve the overlooked, the forgotten, the marginalized, the unloved. That is why each year the Christmas Eve offering is given to a mission to benefit others outside the walls of WordServe. This year the entire Christmas Eve offering will be given to The WordServe Compassion Fund so we can continue to impact the community and the world as joyful servants of Jesus.

Our Church needs your help to continue to live out its mission over and over again throughout the years. We hope you will consider your offering as a way to put your faith into action and joyfully care for the needs of the greater Fulshear community and the world. The offering will be collected at each of our Christmas Eve Services on December 24 or online at (select Christmas Eve Offering in the pull down menu).



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