Life is Different

"Life is Different!" While this is the tag line of WordServe Church, our recent experience with the Coronavirus affords us an opportunity to recognize that our lives are now different. But the question for the follower of Jesus is, "How can our lives be different from the world around us in ways that bring hope, peace, and strength to the world? And how can our different lives bring attention to God?

Until further notice, we will NOT hold live services. For the time being, you can catch our sermons on Facebook and You Tube. They will be posted Sunday mornings and remain available for you to watch with the family when you are all together! We will also make audio versions of the sermons available here, and you'll be able to download the sermon notes and questions from that site as well. 

4.19 | Worry Math
Jesus tells us not to worry about everyday life. In fact, he asks a great question: "Can worrying add even a single hour to our lives?" The answer is no. Worry can't add. But worry can subtract. It can subtract quality of life and years off of life expectancy. How exactly are we supposed to "Not worry?"

4.26 | Proper Prepping
In Matthew, Jesus tells us not to store up treasures where moths eat, rust destroys, and theives steal. But in Proverbs, the dilligent work of the ant is praised in storing up for winter. Is there a "proper way to prep" for Christians that balances being responsible for our needs and going overboard to hoard?

5.3 | Lessons Learned
This is an opportunity for the congregation to share what they've learned about faith and life during the Coronavirus. Not sure if we'll be "through" it by this date, but certaily people will be learning. We'll ask, in advance, for people to share their lessons and will be using a series of testimonies, etc. (Maybe live, maybe video... we'll see

5.10 | Viral Faith
Passing on our faith to the next generation. What does that mean? What does that look like? Why is that important?