Sermons & Podcasts

Sermons and Notes

In a perfect world, we can get to Church every Sunday, however, our lives are far from perfect! But there is no need to worry, you can access past sermons anytime and anywhere! Simply visit to listen to any past sermon and download the sermon notes. 

After Word

Then check out our new Podcast, "After Word". After Word, is a podcast created by Pastor Bill as a supplement to the regular Sunday morning sermon. It will cover:

- Anything that might have ended up on the cutting room floor. There is not always enough time to cover everything. Sometimes there is interesting info that never makes it to the sermon. 

- Anything that was miscommunicated/unclear in the sermon, or could use some additional explanation

- And most importantly, some ideas, guidelines, and suggestions for how to take the sermon notes and turn it into your own discussion group, wherever you are. 

There are 4 easy steps

1.  Go to and download the Sermon notes
2.  Listen to the sermon for the past Sunday (also
3.  Listen to "After Word" for additional information and suggestions
4.  Get a group together and discuss the deeper things that form our spirit, bring us hope, and help us look more like Christ!