Our Story

Like all new church starts, WordServe began as an idea. During Nolan’s final semester of seminary, he heard a sermon on the first part of Acts 6, where the apostles say that it would not be right to neglect preaching the word of God in order to “wait on tables” (by serving food to the widows). Through a non-traditional reading of this passage, the pastor indicated that this isn’t a choice between preaching the Word or serving the world. As followers of Christ, we are called to do both.

While serving as a pastor in several churches following seminary, the idea that was planted in Nolan’s brain during that sermon began to grow. His calling to plant a church that was both shaped by God’s Word and serving God’s world was confirmed time and again.

In the summer of 2007, when Grace Fellowship invited Nolan and Susanna to come and start a new church in the greater Fulshear/west Katy area, WordServe changed from an idea into a reality.

Nolan and Susanna began building relationships and forming a “launch team” of dedicated people who would help get the new church started. From the beginning, it was important to model the concepts that would be essential to WordServe, so 9 people from the launch team went on an amazing mission trip to Peru in the summer of 2008. Following the mission trip, the team continued to grow. WordServe met for Bible study on a weekly basis, spent time reaching out into the community, and served the people around us in a variety of ways.

In 2015 we launched the "Putting Down Roots" campagin and we were able to raise the money nessecary to move into a new, more permanant location! On May 15, 2016 we moved from Shafer Elementry and worshiped for the first time in our new home at Fulshear Downs. Our new location was just the begining of a great transition for WordServe. 

On March 20, 2016 our founding pastor, Nolan Donald, announced that he had been appointed to be the senior pastor of a church in his home state of Alabama and that he would be leaving WordServe. Bishop Janice Riggle Huie has appointed Jon Sims to be the new lead pastor of WordServe. Not only was May 15 our first day in the Fulshear Downs location, it was also Jon's first day to join us in worship. 

Celebration Sunday, June 15, 2016 was the culmination of WordServe's transition and the begining of a new era. Nolan officialy handed off the leadership batton to Jon making himself the Founding Pastor and Jon the new Lead Pastor. WordServe said goodbye to Nolan and the Donald family and welcomed Jon and the Sims family.

Celebration Sunday was not just about our pastoral transition, it was also the day that we chartered as a formal, independent United Methodist Church. For more than seven years, WordServe had functioned as a self-sustaining church. We’ve had our own leadership, we’ve worked independently on our own mission, and we’ve operated in proper submission to the United Methodist Church. However, we’ve always done that under the umbrella of our mother church, Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church. When Grace launched us in February 2009, the plan was always that we would “cut the umbilical cord” and operate totally independent of another church.

Even though weekly worship services officially began on February 1st, 2009, and we didn't charter until 2016, WordServe was a church long before that. We love hearing all the stories about lives changing because of Jesus, and we love guiding people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus! We hope you will come and join WordServe’s ongoing story. We can't wait to meet you!