The Focus of Contentment

November 21, 2021 Speaker: Bill Hogan Series: Thank-FULL

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 6:25–6:34

TITLE: The Focus of Contentment
TEXT: Matthew 6:25-33
Bill Hogan
1.  What is the main thing that catches your attention while reading this passage?  Why do you think that stands out?
2.  Why do you think Jesus picks the example of birds when it comes to food?  What can we learn from birds?
3.  Why do you think Jesus picks lilies when it comes to clothing?  What can we learn from the lilies?
4.  Jesus says that food and clothing dominate the thoughts and lives of unbelievers.  What should dominate the thoughts of believers? Why?
5.  Make an action plan to steer your thoughts towards things of God.  How will you hear God?  How will you keep your thoughts focused?  Share with at least one partner and commit to your plan through the end of the year.  Journal your experience.  And, share any lessons learned with your partner, your community group, and your pastor!

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