Trials and Temptations

New Sermons Series begins 7.19
Our world is filled with trials and temptations. How do we overcome them? Can these trials actually strengthen us in our faith journey? We'll learn some lessons from Jesus in how to deal with some of the most common challenges to faithful living. Learn more about this series at

7.19 | Bread - Matthew 4:1-4
Jesus' temptation in the wilderness attacks the most basic level: the need for food (provision). Satan uses scripture "with a twist" to tempt a hungry Jesus. Jesus returns fire with true Scripture, and a recognition of a father who provides.

7.26 | Safety - Matthew 4:5-7
Satan tempts Jesus with concern for his safety, again using scripture. He's attempting to get Jesus to test whether God cares or not. God's care goes far beyond simple and mindless tests. God's care is written throughout the story of salvation. Those who know that story well need not test for God's concern.

8.2 | Status - Matthew 4:8-11
Satan can't get Jesus on the basics, so he goes for the ego. Why would Jesus be poor and suffer for God when he could have instant riches and fame? Jesus' answer not only defeated the enemy then, but can put the enemy back in his place in modern times.


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