New Sermon Series begins June 7
Want to be UNSHAKEABLE? Tune in to our new sermon series, starting on June 7 for ways to build a faith that is Unshakeable, even in turbulent times. You can find us, Sunday mornings, on youtube or facebook

6.7 | Scripture
Scripture is the most tangible and often the most relateable resource for faith.The Psalmist shows us that Scripture not only guides on the right path (like a life hack for instant wisdom), but it lasts forever. It can be trusted to guide us even through the darkest of times.

6.14 | Prayer
Prayer is a pipeline for communication, and communication is essential for any healthy relationship. A healthy relationship (and regular communication) keeps us in touch with God and all that God brings to the table.We'll learn some practical ways to keep the conversation (and relationship) going.

6.21 | Meditation
Samuel learns to sit and listen to God. His continued practice leads him to become a great voice for God. How do we learn to listen to God? What's the difference between Easter meditation and Christian meditation? And why should I care?

6.28 | Stewardship
Giving up ownership and taking on the role of a steward can be difficult and humbling. It can also be freeing and energizing. As we look at managing all that is God's it helps us prepare in advance of hard times and persevere in the midst of hard times.

7.7 | Worship
What exactly is worship and why does it matter? In modern terms we tend to equate worship to a set time on Sunday morning... or perhaps to a genre of music. While that is worship, that's not all worship is. True worship connects us to God and one another in powerful ways: in ways that will make us inseperable... and unshakeable.

7.14 | Evangelism
We can't call ourselves disciples of Christ if we aren't engaged in sharing the good news (We've been given the Great Comission to make disciples). So why don't most of us share the good news? We'll examine common reasons and ways to overcome whatever stops us in sharing Christ with the world.

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Stay Home Sunday 9:00am – 10:15am
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