About WordServe Church

WordServe Church serves the greater Fulshear/West Katy area. We are a diverse group of people from all over this community. Some of us are new to the area; others have been here for years. We are at all stages of life and faith, and we aren’t hung up on what you wear, who you know, what kind of car you drive, or who you voted for. Just come as you are and hang out with us!

At WordServe, we are passionate about Making Disciples... over and over again, we have seen amazing transformations in people’s lives as they develop a relationship with Christ and grow in their faith.

No matter where you are in life, WordServe wants to welcome you and help you see the joy and hope that has already allowed so many people to say, “Life is Different”! Kick back, take a look around the website, and then come and see what we’re all about.