Partner Ministries

The people of WordServe know that God has called us beyond the walls of the church—to serve the overlooked, the forgotten, the marginalized, the unloved. In response to that calling, WordServe has reached out beyond the walls of our church and teamed up with some amazing local ministries, as well as global ministry operations. 

Family Hope

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.56.48 PMFamily Hope is an exciting family transformation ministry that started in the greater Fulshear/Simonton community in 2015. Family Hope exists to transform hurting people into healthy families through the hope of God. This ministry was launched through a collaboration of several area pastors. 

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Xena Project

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.58.35 PMThe Xena Project is a 501(c)3 organization founded and run by veterans. They facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing for warriors and their families in both group and individual formats, in a safe, tranquil environment rooted in nature. In addition to the ministry that is our foundation, they offer animal encounters, counseling (peer-led, pastoral, licensed professional), and family reunification programs.The Xena Project is focused on breaking down barriers that keep warriors from a vibrant life as contributing members of their communities. In practice, this means that our programs are free, and we challenge ourselves daily to become maximally accessible.  It means Bible studies that talk about violence, fear, guilt, lack of faith, anger, and addiction. It means meeting warriors where they are, whether isolated in their own homes, struggling with addiction, in or newly out of jail, or falling through the cracks of daily life.The Xena Project welcomes military veterans, law enforcement officials, and first responders, and their families. 

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Living Water International

LivingWaterInternationalLogoLiving Water International is a ministry focused on providing clean drinking water to developing countries around the world. Living water international has completed more than 18,000 water projects since it began in 1990. This year, WordServe Church is heading to Nicaragua July 8 - 14 for our fourth year of service with LWI. Our team is currently full but if you would like to learn more about the trip and view stories from previous trips, click here.

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 Huggins Elementary

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.21.48 PMOn April 28, 2013, WordServe Church pledged to adopt Huggins Elementary to help fulfill our church vision of transforming communities one relationship at a time. By strategically partnering with Huggins, it allows a greater community impact and provides a rich environment for real relationship building. 

WordServe Church has been blessed with several opportunities to help the Huggins community such as Habitat for Huggins, FaithFULL Kids, the Teacher Ministry and volunteering through Friends of Huggins