Huggins Elementary Adoption

A summary of our adoption of Huggins Elementary

So, why would a church adopt a school?

On April 28, 2013, WordServe Church pledged to adopt Huggins Elementary to help fulfill our church vision of transforming communities one relationship at a time. By strategically partnering with Huggins, it allows a greater community impact and provides a rich environment for real relationship building. 

Want to know why WordServe loves Huggins Elementary School?

See Huggins teacher, Jill Norwood, and Huggins parent, Erika Yelverton, explain how a few willing workers could change the community for generations!

WordServe Loves Huggins from WordServe Church on Vimeo.


The following opportunities are currently available to support the Huggins Community:

FaithFULL Kids

FaithFULL Kids is a community organization born out of the love of Christian hearts from Faith Methodist Church, First Fulshear Methodist Church, and WordServe Church. Our mission is to transform the community by providing nutritious meals to families of food-insecure school-aged children on weekends and holidays, and to provide serving opportunities that will guide people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus. We hope that our work will not only improve the lives of the children being served, but also bring glory to God. FaithFULL Kids volunteers fill snack bags with nonperishable food items at our Packing Parties.  For more information about FaithFULL Kids or to sign up to volunteer, contact Erika Yelverton at

Habitat for Huggins 

WordServe has rebuilt and repaired multiple families’ homes with children or grandchildren that attend Huggins Elementary. These home projects have ranged from small jobs to complete home rebuilds based on the needs of the family. It is our desire that Huggins children and their families have a safe and comfortable place to call home. For more information on Habitat for Huggins, contact Erika Yelverton at

Teacher Ministry

WordServe has committed to praying for every staff member at Huggins Elementary. Four times a year, prayer cards are written to each person. Volunteers are needed to help write these cards and to pray for teachers and staff. Please contact Cindy Haas for more information at

Special Events

Needs arise throughout the year to support both students and teachers, this may range from providing additional assistance to a family in need, classroom support or other campus needs. If you’d like to be more involved in the Huggins serve team, contact Erika Yelverton at

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