What is Community?

Community Groups at WordServe


 "I have more questions than answers. But God has blessed me with great relationships in my Community Group. I still struggle, but through them, I know God has something to say to me." –Taro C.

At WordServe, we believe that connecting our faith to everyday life helps us realize the many ways that Life is Different with Jesus!

We also recognize that living out our faith can be challenging. There are trials and struggles and other things--sometimes good things--that demand our strength and attention. That’s why we believe no one should try to live life on their own.

If you’re ready to move beyond just knowing about faith to connecting your faith to everyday life, you might consider joining a Community Group. In a Community Group, you will plug in to vibrant relationships - a group of people who will celebrate with you, care for you, and support you through the highs and lows of everyday life. Community Groups range in size from 4-16 people.  They meet together on a weekly basis to study the Bible, ask questions, discover life-giving relationships, and figure out just how to connect our faith to our day-to-day lives. Oh, and sometimes there’s also food!

Check out our Group FAQ for more information, or email Pastor Bill with any questions (bhogan@wordserve.org).

If you are ready to join a group, click here to view our current group options.