NextGEN Youth

NextGEN is a joint venture between Wordserve GMC and First Fulshear Methodist


Here at NextGEN we strive to create an environment where we learn how faith is lived out each day.

We have a wide range of activities offered throughout the year to showcase the many different talents and interests of our students! At NextGEN, students get to:

  • Play fun, energetic games and tournaments
  • Work together in puzzle solving and team work games
  • Performing with the youth band
  • Win prizes (like gift cards and movie tickets)
  • Enjoy great food prepared by families in our church community
  • Engage in real life, bible based, faith teachings

Our group is open to 6th- 12th grade students and meets Sunday evenings from 5pm-7pm, throughout the school year. (Beginning this year on Sept. 10th)

But being involved in NextGEN is so much more than just youth group...


Going Beyond Sundays


Serving Our Neighbors

NextGEN goes beyond our regular youth group meetings.  Our faith inspires us to give back and make an impact right here in Fulshear!  

Students from the NextGEN program get to connect with our community through several service projects throughout the year.  We raise money, food and other supplies for three (3) different charities in our area as well as participate in helping keep our beautiful town looking amazing through community work events!


Performing in the Youth Band

Our youth group is packed with super talented kids, many of them play instruments, sing or love to work with technology!  Under the direction of our youth leader (who was himself a world touring musician) students get to learn how to grow and showcase their talents. Jimmy's background in professional arranging helps students of any instrument (from guitars and drums to saxes and horns) and any skill level to get involved and participate!

New Stage

Learning how to approach music with professionalism, fun and excitement for worshiping our amazing God! These are skills that build confidence and go with you your entire life, not just behind the music stand.

Our youth band perfoms at various events around the community, will be showcasing at this years' Fulshear Freedom Fest and is beginning to partner with charity events to help raise money for the programs our churches participate in.


And Of course Parties!!!

Mini golf, Laser tag, arcades, bowling and bonfires, just to name a few...  are ways we celebrate having fun here at NextGEN! We connect with local businesses to create all inclusive outings for our students to have fun and get to make new friends!

To kick off this school year, our highschool (incoming 9th-12th) students are heading over to TopGolf and our junior high (incoming 6th-8th) are gearing up for Urban Air!  

We plan events several times throughout the year so keep an eye on the schedule and make sure you come out!

 Blanket Volleyball

We're the NextGEN!

These are just some of the ways we are pouring into our youth to help equip them to be the strong, faith-filled leaders of tomorrow.  

We hope to get the chance to connect with you and your students to see how they can join us in building a personal faith that grounds them through life. To see our plans for the '23-'24 school year take a look at our upcoming events here!

We hope to see you there!

For more info contact our youth Director: Jimmy Gagliardi

Or Pastors Alex Lupo (First Fulshear) and Bill Hogan (WordServe) 


- All of our programs are lead by Safe Sanctuary trained staff and volunteers