WordServe Church has countless servant leaders who lead and oversee various ministries throughout the church. At WordServe, we work really hard to help people find ways to serve and join in the work of guiding people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus. Without joining in God's mission, we are missing out on the fullness of what God wants for us.

As a United Methodist church, WordServe is led by a Leadership Team. The Leadership Team is the steward of WordServe's mission and vision, and they are the ones who work to make sure we are positioned to accomplish what God has called us to. The whole Team serves the Church as representative team working on behalf of the church. By having a highly committed team of leaders serving on their behalf, the Church is able to give their attention to mission and vision and allow the representative leaders to oversee the direction of the church.

The Leadership Team is made up of several sub-teams: Finance, Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations, Nominations/Leadership, Staff, Community Group Leaders. Please see attached listing for descriptions of these teams.

Click here to see a roster of WordServe's Leadership Team 2019.