Just Jesus

Just Jesus | Begins August 9

When the world around us throws so many mixed messages, it's hard to sort out how to live. We're pulled in many directions and are given different messages from our culture on what matters and what fulfills us. Join us online via facebook or youtube and learn the best way to get clarity on what really matters. It involves focusing on the life of Jesus and what that focus can bring us. 

8.9 | Completion - Phil 1:6
Jesus is stubborn: once he begins a work in us he's determined to finish it. How can we help that process? And how does that process help us?

8.16 | Humility - Phil 2:3
Humility is not a popular concept. Perhaps that's because it's misunderstood. We'll look at a true definition of humility for a Jesus follower and see how this trait is a powerful change agent in our families, communities, and the world.

8.23 | Perseverance - Phil 3:14
Life is tough! Who couldn't use a dose of perseverance? We can learn some powerful lessons on how to endure and get to the ultimate goal from the life of Paul as he pens today's word in Scripture.

8.30 | Peace - Phil 4:6-7
Scripture says there is a "peace that passes understanding." That sounds great, but it also sounds elusive. What exactly is this peace that passes understanding, and how can we cultivate that level of peace. More importantly, what impact does that have on us and those around us? The answer is mind-blowing!



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