Questions for a Spiritual Conversation

Goal: Use these questions to have spiritual conversation with people you already know
that may not know Jesus or may be out of touch with Jesus.  Report back the answers
you receive, either in the comments on social media or email to
 (Please don't use names!). Remember, you don’t have to ask all the questions, just
ask the ones that resonate with you and your friends.

We'll take these answers and use them to build a sermon series that will follow Easter
Sunday. What we’re asking you to do is invite your friends to Easter service, where
we’ll announce the sermon series. Then, you can invite them back to hear their
questions (and others like them) addressed in the worship services.

Why? Because we want people to know Christ and experience the WordServe culture
that helps people foster their relationship with Him.

Will you help us reach others?

- How do you feel about the current social climate?
- What might make the social climate better?
- What gives you the strength to keep going day-to-day?
- When do you feel the strongest?
- What do you have faith in?
- What sustains you in hard times?
- What brings you peace?
- How do you define peace?
- If you could ask God just one question, what would you ask?
- What should the role of the church be in today’s society?
- What could the church do to become more relevant in peoples’ lives?

Thanks for your prayers and your partnership!
Pastor Bill


1.  Ask these questions to local friends
2.  Send their responses (no names!) either in the comments, or email
3.  Invite your friends to Easter at WordServe.  We'll create a sermon series that addresses their questions so you can invite your friends back to hear the results!